Trauma Therapy

Intention Work in Berlin

In this group, we utilize the emotional intelligence of the group to explore and acknowledge internal connections, enabling change.

Complex psychological structures are composed of various internal components. Just as we all have the ability to resonate with other people, we can also resonate with these inner parts. Through the use of resonant representatives, unconscious and repressed elements can become visible within the group, and frozen inner parts can be reintegrated.

We begin the work with each individual sharing a personal intention. Each intention is connected to unconscious dynamics within one’s own psyche that can both support or hinder the intention. We resonate with these inner structures and work with them. Michael Gollmer’s approach to interventions is based on attachment and trauma theory (IoPT). He leads the group and supports it with his singing:

"I invite in what has been unconscious so far, the repressed and forgotten parts of ourselves, and the parts that are still full of fear, but also all those that are full of joy and completely carefree. With my singing, I invite in the power that can connect and heal everything. I call it love. And so I ask everyone in the circle what their intention is. And I ask the others to resonate with it. The inner parts that reflect the intention reveal themselves. We can work with them, bring them into encounter and connection, so that the person becomes whole again. I am simply there and accompany the group. What is meant to happen, happens almost effortlessly. Then it's the next person's turn. And I support them again with my voice."

If your intention is related to a social system that you wish to examine more closely, this system can also be set up using resonant representatives (such as family constellations, organizational constellations). Even deceased individuals can be included in the work:

"In my time in Stuttgart, over 15 years ago now, I accompanied many funerals with my singing. The Bahá'í funeral prayer is a collective farewell to the deceased person, an awareness of what connects us as human beings and our own mortality. I have always found it very reconciling to sing the funeral prayer and make peace with the fact that a soul with which we were and still are connected has left this earth. Today, I use my voice in a therapeutic context. I drum and sing to open a space inward, a door to the unconscious. But I also sing to feel my connection to my ancestors and spiritual sources of strength. The more I feel myself in my singing, the more the space opens for that."

Refreshments and snacks will be provided during breaks. Please RSVP via email.

Resonance work for self-encounter with a personal intention: 120 euros
Participation without a personal intention: 20 euros

Next sessions: Sunday, April 28th, admission from 12:30 PM, start at 1 PM, at Volume Berlin, Seestraße Wedding.