Welcome to my small practice in Pankow, Berlin. My therapy is especially directed at people with

  • depression and burnout
  • acute and lasting symptoms of anxiety
  • trauma in early childhood
  • dissociative disorders
  • inner disruption, nervousness and sleeping disorders
  • psychosomatic complaints
  • psychogenic pain
  • impulse-control disorders
  • relationship and contact disorders
  • difficulties coping with life
  • personality disorders
  • identity uncertainties
  • chronic fatigue and lack of drive
  • general life or spiritual crises

My practice is for private clients. This has the advantage that you can get an appointment relatively fast. There are no long waiting times for therapy.

So that there is time to go into depth, I recommend a 120-minute-long appointment. In that way, we can work without time pressure. All appointments are tax-free (for more information about my prices and insurance matters please go to the German version of this page).

Fees for courses and group work are separate and vary according to place and content. In individual cases, it might be possible to obtain financial support. Please ask me about this.

If you cannot make an appointment, please let me know at least two days in advance. If you do not cancel the appointment I will issue an invoice for the full price.

Of course, I can work with your doctor, psychiatrist, neurologist or physiotherapist if you explicitly want this and if you release us both from our bonds of professional discretion. In case medicine must be taken for serious disorders and you don’t have a doctor, I can make recommendations.